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Alfa Owners, I am happy to report I have found a system to replace the obsolete Atwood Level-Legs System. As you know, I am always on the lookout for new products that will enhance or replace current items on our motorhomes. An example would be the Dometic (formerly Atwood) Air Command Air Conditioner. Since I last reported, many Alfa motorhome owners have upgraded to this new air conditioner. Many of whom have come to you for their installation.

I am now proud to report, a replacement for the obsolete Atwood Level Leg system.

As many of the 2007 and 2008 Alfa Owners realize, our current leveling system has reached its end of life. We all have realized that the rear Level Leg Jacks were undersized during the design and manufacturing process, causing premature failure of the rear legs. This under sizing of the legs has been involved in creating stress on the Freightliner frame rail, in relation to the steel tubular frame floor. There-by, causing the rear end wall of the living-room slide to rub against the motorhome wall, causing damage to both the living room slide and motor home wall.

We have all come to realize that one level-leg can cost $2000, if one could be located. We also realize, the replacement leg if located will be undersized in the load bearing capability needed on the rear, and would still be prone to a failure.

Up until 2015, spare parts could still be widely found on the internet. The last spare items I was able to find was the shear pin and spur gear utilized on the mechanical level leg. As of now, I cannot locate even the spur gear.

My goal was to locate a new supplier with a similar system for our Alfa’s. I am pleased to announce a company named Bullseye Leveling  Click Here which has been in business since 2004, creating electric leveling system.

I have discussed our situation with Alan Brink, regional Direct Sales & Support. Alan can be reached at 574-727-5795.

The level leg is a mechanical single Jack-Screw system, capable of lifting over 60,000 lbs. The level legs can be equipped with 3 different DC motors: 6k, 9k, 12k or a special order motor, capable of lifting a total weight load of 60,000 lbs.

The jacks use a single Ball and Jack Screw system, where the Atwood system comprised 2 different systems. The gearbox is located in a metal housing, whereas the Atwood was plastic and contained a mechanical clutch.

 The electronics consist of 2 modules: Control board and keypad module, similar to our current system. The obsolete Atwood control system and Bullseye system were desiged and build by the same company, a subsidiary of LCI. Bullseye Level has changed their approach, from outsourcing (sub-contractor, who supplied the Atwood system), to a new in-house design and patented system.

At the time of my investigation, a new electronic control and keyboard assembly were in design should be released. The new system includes a new software control processor. A new feature incorporated is a circuit that will detect a hard stop condition (Leg Fully Retracted) faster than the old Atwood Level-Legs system. This will protect a premature failure of the gearbox. There will be both a visual and audible alarm system, to warn of jacks extended prior to driving away. Under discussion is 1 or 3 year warranty on the control and keypad module. The new control is currently undergoing a software change, however the new Bullseye Level legs will plug directly into the current cable connection.

Systems can be ordered directly from Bullseye. The current cost for a 4 leg system, is less than $2700, depending on the estimate total weight of the motorhome. Plus installation, based on your installer. Installation instructions can be view online.

Dale M. Prichard,

2008 Solong Gold, Floorplan 1015-08

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Glen Thomas,
Apr 4, 2013, 3:36 AM