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And it’s all about everyone’s favorite crooked fruit: bananas!
Everyone knows that they are the most delicious when they are still fresh and unspoiled. But as soon as the first brown spots pop up, they belong in the blender or, even worse, in the trash. But according to this man, that is all over now! Insane!
This trick is a godsend. Now you always have fresh bananas and will save some money! How cool is that…!?

NOTE FOR FL SUNPASS OWNERS: Your sunpass is now good in GA.  Be aware, Jan 14 we got charged for 5 axles in FL.  There's a medal plate that counts the axles, if the guy behind you is too close you could get counted for his first axle.  Call within 90 days and they will remove that charge.  There is nothing on your sunpass registration to indicate how many axles you have (like ours you can move it from one vehicle to another).  Glen

Ten things to leave behind when RVing.  Here is a "list of some of the most common on board RV albatrosses that travelers should cut loose from their packing list."  From Brent Peterson and KOA.

From Jim Sells

Freightliner chassis specification web site

Click below to go to the Freightliner website which contains various chassis information specific to various manufacturers.

If you select Alfa Leisure, then select "Previous Model Year(s)" and finally your specific year and model

(Gold, See Ya or Founder) you will view (and can print or save) a specification sheet.  Click Here