ATTENTION: If your dues are not paid by April 30 you will be dropped from the rolls!

Alfa Sunrisers

Savannah GA Rally

March 29 – Apr 4, 2017

Wagon Masters – John & Anne Ehmann

Asst. Wagon Masters – Ed & Martha Klaymeier


Pictured from left to right:  Ed & Martha Klaymeier, Ken & Joyce Walker, Paul & Mary Goulet, Glen & Marlene Thomas,

Marty & Nanci Istock, David & Sandy Sheets, Janet Woodward, John Ehmann, Dan Readinger,

Carol Readinger, Woody Woodward, Anne Ehmann, Sandy & Butch Ballot, Doug & Marcia Hatfield,

Mike & Ellen Blesy, Bar & Don Myers, Janet Nisbet, Holly & Frank Ayers, Genie & Howard Stein