Alfa Sunrisers Chattanooga, TN Rally
April 27 – May 4, 2014
Wagon Masters: John & Ann Ehmann
Co Wagon Masters: Woody & Jan Woodward


1st Row L-R:       Glen Thomas, Ed & Martha Klaymeier, Genie Stein, Marline Thomas, Holly & Frank Ayers, Sandy Ballot, Carol Briscoe, Terry O’Neill
2nd Row L-R       Howard Stein, Joyce Walker, Sandy Sheets, Delores Montambault, Janet Woodward, 
                         Rita Kline, Carroll Croes, Connie Fogerty, Butch Ballot, John Briscoe, Judy Kemp, Nanci Istock, Ann & John Ehmann
3rd Row L-R       Ted Hixon, Ken Walker, Dave Sheets, Leon Montambault, Woody Woodward, Frank Aldrich, John Croes, 
                         Gil Fogerty, Gordon Kemp, Owen O’Neill, Marty Istock 

OUR MISSION:  To enhance the Alfa RV experience of our membership through education and serve as a resource for maintaining and improving our member's Alfa RV product.  To provide rallies in the eastern region of the United States that will promote fellowship as well as being in locations that are fun, interesting, and educational.

OUR VISION: To be the focal point for the Alfa Sunriser member who seeks help and information for maintaining and/or upgrading their Alfa RV in order to make the ownership of their RV a more enjoyable experience.  To provide the leadership and experience to members who volunteer to host rallies that will keep our members active and enthused about their RV travels, experiences and the fellowship of our club.